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Community Involvement

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Community projects in Chaparri The community of Santa Catalina de Chongoyape owns and benefits from the reserve. It was a community initiative to create the reserve that was approved in a community assembly that made this project possible.

The reserve generates employment for local people, providing an alternative to subsistence and small scale agricultural production and working as itinerant labourers in the large plantations. Full time jobs created include park guards, ecotoruism guides, lodge staff and working with species recovery programs; temporary jobs are created in providing services such as construction and road maintenance.

The reserve entrance fee paid by each visitor is distributed through the comunity to support the local schools and health posts within the community, provide community security, cover community administration costs, pay park guards and maintain the reserve. Additionally projects to develop and implement sustainable alternatives such as organic honey production and native cotton production are being implemented. The reserve also provides opportunity for free enterprise through the selling of souvenirs and foods to visitors.

The Chaparri EcoLodge also supports the community by providing training for staff and funding educational activities within the community as well as the now famous “ChocolaPava Navidena” Christmas party for all the community children.